What Others Say:

I love my yoga lessons with Andrea! She tailors our sessions to my physical needs and abilities while still challenging me to improve my skills and flexibility. She's very knowledgeable on the workings of the muscle systems and knows just the right stretches and positions to help me feel relaxed and centered. I never hesitate to recommend Andrea to my friends! .. T. C.

Yoga with Andrea is a delight! Being in her presence is a weekly gift of strength, humor, and joy. Her compassionate spirit holds space for a heart centered yoga with gentle spirituality. After class, I feel such an expansive sense of peace and inner celebration. I am grateful for the opportunity to carry this feeling out into the world.  ... M. W.

Hatha Yoga

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For me, yoga is not just a workout. It's about working on yourself.
-- Mary Glover

When I found yoga, as an adult, I connected with my body's inherent strength and grace for the first time.
-- Lisa Salzer

yoga poseHatha yoga is the practice of being centered and grounded within oneself while mindfully breathing and moving the body. It teaches us to stretch beyond who we think we are while honoring the still voice within.

Yoga means union with body, mind, and breath. Hatha yoga’s asanas, or physical poses, bring strength and flexibility to the body. My yoga classes also include pranayama, (breath work), meditation and chanting. Originally, hatha yoga, the physical aspect of yoga, was developed as a vehicle for meditation.

The repertoire of hatha yoga prepared the body, and particularly the nervous system for stillness, creating physical strength and stamina that allowed the mind to remain calm.



Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT):

I am a registered yoga teacher and teach on Wednesdays at noon at Whole Yoga in Denver.  I also teach private yoga classes for individuals and small groups in the yoga studio in my home.  I have been practicing yoga for 30 years and love teaching, especially to people who aren't pretzels.