I can assist you with:

Spiritual Growth

Personal Growth



Hatha Yoga

Laughter Yoga


How to
Contact Me:

303 968-7531


The Journey Awaits:

It is my deep pleasure to support your journey of healing, growth and awakening.

Andrea Silver


It takes courage to reach out to a skillful professional to witness your pain, confusion, and desire to open to new freedoms. My intention is to inspire you to embrace the fullest expression of all that you are in body, mind, life and spirit.

It is an honor to hold people in love while they grow. Learning to shine the twin lights of mindfulness and compassion on all parts of yourself results in greater confidence, joy, ease and well being with less reactivity, anxiety and stress.


Questions For You:

Can you see how accepting yourself as you are allows you to open to all of who you could be?

Do you feel empty or lost in busyness and know deep down there is something more to life?

Would you like to be more present in your body, let go of pretending, relax and enjoy your life?

Do you want to have closer, more satisfying relationships with the people you love?


A Thought:

Compassion for ourselves gives rise to the power to transform resentment into forgiveness, hatred into friendliness and fear into respect for all beings. -- Jack Kornfield